I am equally grateful for receiving anonymous and direct feedback.

As a member of the Association of Tiny Habit Certified Coaches and a courtesy of the Tiny Habits Academy, I periodically receive a report with participants’ (aka Habiteers) responses to BJ Fogg’s survey of my Tiny Habits Habiteers. Here’s what a few Habiteers have to say in response to one of BJ’s questions -

What did your coach do well during the week?

It was great having a tiny habits coach. She had no agenda other than to guide and support me. It added a really nice extra to my day. I didn't expect that.
- Habiteer, Anonymous


DAvid R.

Portland, Maine

Shirley was responsive and a great help to me. She made some excellent suggestions and referred me to some external resources that I found both useful and interesting. I immediately seized on the opportunity to work with her on a refresher course, as she is quite committed and effective as a coach.

After I open my morning journal, I will …



Sydney, Australia

Shirley was wonderful. I cannot praise her highly enough. She was full of insight, learner-centred in her feedback, and she offered a optional deep-dive with additional information that was targeted and exciting. She directed me to a world of other resources including blogs, matrices, q&a sessions. Coaching via email is never easy, and she handles it superbly.  

After I touch the handle of the pantry in the kitchen, I will …

2019-04-01_Martha C.jpeg

martha C.

New York City, New York

From your first welcoming email, I knew I had hit the jackpot.  Your positive spirit, constructive feedback, keen intelligence and enthusiastic support is unparalleled.   Your commitment and generosity to us newbies is amazing.  What an awesome human being and coach!  

After I take my vitamins in the morning, I will …

This is basically my second round of creating tiny habits recipes, and Shirley really analyzed and broke down my recipes for me. She clarified what was not actually tiny about my recipes and helped me pinpoint and fine-tune. My resulting edited recipes were so much more doable and became almost-completely automatic by the end of the week.
- Habiteer, Anonymous



London, United Kingdom

I have enjoyed your support - enthusiastic (which i resonate with), knowledgeable (which has helped) and good fun (which always works for me).

You have inspired me to keep going and to deepen my knowledge and experience of Tiny Habits.

After I climbed into bed, I will …


Vikram M.

Haryana, India

A small note to say thank you once again and also to inform you that my tiny habits have taken slightly larger avatars. And, I am doing them consistently. Hope all is well with your world.

After I switch off the lights to sleep, I will …




Shirley was a great motivator with her consistent daily check- ins! She has a way of slowly drawing you in and allowing you to focus just a little bit deeper on each of your 3 tiny habits throughout the week. Shirley's comments regarding the times it was difficult to accomplish a tiny habit, really helped to overcome the obstacle with a soft nudge in the right direction. I really had a great time doing this exercise and Shirley's enthusiasm for the process had a lot to do with it!

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