With BJ Fogg after 2012 June Boot Camp, Healdsburg, California

With BJ Fogg after 2012 June Boot Camp, Healdsburg, California

“Your boot camp covered a lot of material,
but I never felt overwhelmed. In fact, I felt energized.”

- my feedback to BJ Fogg

Coaching and training Tiny Habits®, I help people discover their superpower of forming habits.

Consulting and coaching Behavior Design, I help people navigate their improvised life.



I help people discover one of their hidden superpowers - forming habits quickly and easily with BJ Fogg's Tiny Habits® method. You can sign-up for the free 5-day program directly with me, or if you prefer, join through BJ's sign-up process, where a Certified Coach or an Apprentice who is soon-to-be-certified coaches you.

Either way - same material, at no charge.



I am a June 2012 alum of BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design Boot Camp. Because I understand how behavior design and applied improvisation share a similar context (e.g., environment, interactions, choice), I help people (re)discover the fun in and potential for shaping workspace cultural shifts.

“Behavior change happens when … “



I use applied improv with behavior change - a unique approach for behavior shifts in environmental health & safety practices, servant leadership pursuits, professional development, improv habits mindset development, and equity endeavors. Each person will discover their habit practice superpowers.

Not only “Yes, and …” but also “Yes, because …”


I am a BJ Fogg Behavior Design Boot Camp alum
and a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach.

(a timeline from my first 3 tiny habits to the present)

On Behavior Design. I am a June 2012 Behavior Design (formerly Persuasion) Boot Camp alum. I learned how to apply the Fogg Method among other models and methods, developed by BJ Fogg, a Behavior Scientist at Stanford University.

My ChemE brain perked up after becoming a Boot Camp alum. With a Chemical Engineering degree (and yes, it was a tough major) from UC Berkeley – think chemical reactions, systems, processes, specifics, environmental conditions, and interdependencies – I felt similarities in the thoughts process. I see a thought-process kinship between my ChemE systems and process analyses expertise and BJ’s set of models and methods for behavior design.

BJ’s boot camp provides me the non-ChemE language to describe the behavior shifts my friends, colleagues, and I have been creating and experiencing through our personal and professional development.

On Tiny Habits®. In 2013, I became one of the first certified coaches. In January 2018, I was one of the first coaches to onboard more than 250 Habiteers for BJ’s Tiny Habits® method, with more than 120 Habiteers completing the 5-day session during their initial week or in a subsequent week.