With BJ Fogg after 2012 June Boot Camp, Healdsburg, California

With BJ Fogg after 2012 June Boot Camp, Healdsburg, California

“Your boot camp covered a lot of material,
but I never felt overwhelmed. In fact, I felt energized.”

- my feedback to BJ Fogg

Coaching and training Tiny Habits®, I help people discover their superpower of forming habits.

Consulting and coaching Behavior Design, I help people navigate their improvised life.



I help people discover one of their hidden superpowers - forming habits quickly and easily with BJ Fogg's Tiny Habits® method. You can sign-up for the free 5-day program directly with me, or if you prefer, join through BJ's sign-up process, where a Certified Coach or an Apprentice who is soon-to-be-certified coaches you.

Either way - same material, at no charge.



I am a June 2012 alum of BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design Boot Camp. Because I understand how behavior design and applied improvisation share a similar context (e.g., environment, interactions, choice), I help people (re)discover the fun in and potential for shaping workspace cultural shifts.

“Behavior change happens when … “



I use applied improv with behavior change - a unique approach for behavior shifts in environmental health & safety practices, servant leadership pursuits, improv habits mindset development, and equity endeavors. Each person will discover their habit practice superpowers.

Not only “Yes, and …” but also “Yes, because …”


I am a BJ Fogg Behavior Design Boot Camp alum
and a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach.

(a timeline from my first 3 tiny habits to the present)

On Behavior Design. I am a June 2012 Behavior Design (formerly Persuasion) Boot Camp alum. I learned how to apply the Fogg Method among other models and methods, developed by BJ Fogg, a Behavior Scientist at Stanford University.

My ChemE brain perked up after becoming a Boot Camp alum. With a Chemical Engineering degree (and yes, it was a tough major) from UC Berkeley – think chemical reactions, systems, processes, specifics, environmental conditions, and interdependencies – I felt similarities in the thoughts process. I see a thought-process kinship between my ChemE systems and process analyses expertise and BJ’s set of models and methods for behavior design.

BJ’s boot camp provides me the non-ChemE language to describe the behavior shifts my friends, colleagues, and I have been creating and experiencing through our personal and professional development.

On Tiny Habits®. In 2013, I became one of the first certified coaches. In January 2018, I was one of the first coaches to onboard more than 250 Habiteers for BJ’s Tiny Habits® method, with more than 120 Habiteers completing the 5-day session during their initial week or in a subsequent week.